COVID-19 Update

In order to do our part to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of our clients and staff, the Cat Clinic will follow a temporary operation plan through Sunday, March 29. The clinic will continue to operate — allowing appointments, surgery, and medication/retail purchases — but in a drop-off and pick-up capacity only.

MEDICATION/FOOD PICKUP:  The front door will remain locked. Call or email with your requests in advance of coming to the clinic. On arrival at the clinic parking lot, we ask that you call the clinic directly to notify us that you are here. A clinic staff member will bring all medications, food, and retail items to your car and take payment at that time without you needing to come inside.

SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS/PROCEDURES:  Call the clinic to notify us that you are in the parking lot. You can complete the needed paperwork in your car, and a Cat Clinic staff member will take down your questions and concerns about your cat’s health and what needs to be done at the appointment. For wellness visits and sick cat visits, you can choose to wait outside in your vehicle while Dr. O’Driscoll examines your kitty, OR you can drop your cat off and pick them up later. We will bring your kitty back out to your car. Surgery patients need to be dropped off as usual. A phone number that reaches you quickly is very useful so that Dr. O’Driscoll can discuss your cat’s condition and treatment plan with you.

>>We will provide estimates for services in advance of taking your kitty inside, or for sick cat patients we will call with a recommended treatment plan. Payment will be made once your kitty is brought back out to your vehicle.

>>No home visits are possible during this time.

**All cats must come to clinic already in a carrier for a staff member to bring them inside the building! No exceptions!**

**The front door will remain closed and clients will ONLY be permitted to enter the building by discretion of Dr. O’Driscoll if warranted for particular cases.**

One of the cases in which clients may enter the building with their cat is when it is time for euthanasia. If this is the case with your cat, we will discuss the plan before you come in and you can stay with your cat if you wish.

This operational plan is obviously different than our usual, and it may be difficult. But this is the best way for us to continue providing care to you and your feline family members while encouraging a healthy and safe environment for everyone. 

>>For the time being, the clinic will not offer front desk hours on Wednesdays and will be closed. Otherwise, our normal business hours will continue as usual. 


>>CALL: 785-856-6369



>>Credit/debit card or Care Credit is preferred payment method during this time

>>Cash and checks will be accepted

Thank you for your understanding. Here’s to a healthy Lawrence, for cats and their people!