Letter from Dr. O

This October, the Cat Clinic of Lawrence will have been taking care of cats for 10 years. I started the clinic with the goal of creating a place for veterinary services focused only on the needs of that most mysterious yet lovable animal companion – the cat. The positive response and support of the local cat-owning community was overwhelming, allowing me to help more than 6000 of their feline friends live happier, healthier lives.

The past year has been difficult for everyone. The staff of the Cat Clinic has worked hard to meet the increased demand for veterinary services while trying to keep themselves, the cats, and the cat-owning public safe and healthy. We have been overwhelmed, and this time not in a positive way.

Like many other businesses, the Cat Clinic of Lawrence is going to pandemic pivot in response. We are closing the brick-and-mortar clinic and will be starting a mobile veterinary practice – a feline veterinary clinic on wheels that brings the vet to your cat.

Through June the clinic will continue to provide services as usual to our current patients. Starting in July, we will be doing previously scheduled surgeries and boarding only, and in August the clinic will be closed for us to plan the new mobile practice. Details about our plans and how to obtain prescription refills, get a copy of your cat’s medical records, contact us with cat questions, and what to do if your cat has an emergency are here.

Thank you so much for your support of the Cat Clinic; it means the world to me.

I look forward to seeing the felines of Lawrence in their natural habitats!

— Dr. Jenny O’Driscoll