We’re Baaaaack!

Cat Clinic of Lawrence is thrilled to be open for in-person appointments again!

Dr. O’Driscoll is still here (of course), along with our Licensed Technician Andrea, and Marissa, our Veterinary Assistant. Plus, now there are plenty of new faces to love your cats too!

Dr. Amy Hanson, our new associate veterinarian, is also a judge for the American Cat Fanciers’ Association and offers acupuncture as a new therapy for our patients in addition to “regular” medicine. Lyndsey and LaDonna, our new Client Care team, have both recently hopped the fence from human healthcare because, let’s face it, people are gross! Also new to the clinic is Practice Manager Linda, a transplant from Washington State and emergency pet care. With all this new energy in the place, it’s no wonder we’re sprucing up the website too.

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We are currently in the office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 7:30am until 5:30pm. Schedule your cat’s appointment by calling us at 785-856-6369 or emailing

One reply on “We’re Baaaaack!”

I’m so very happy to hear you are not permanently closed. Unlike all prior vets, Dr. D helped us figure out how to deal with a long term problem suffered by our special cat (Sweeney). It’s time she saw him again, so I will be calling to make an appointment!

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