The way it was

Here you can see some photos of theĀ interior before the renovations started. It was difficult to capture on film the size of the church sanctuary, but you can get an idea of what the church looked like, and how big a change there is going to be to turn the space into the Cat Clinic of Lawrence.

This is the view from just inside the front door, looking down the hall into the sanctuary. (There is a pile of pew cushions in the hall.)

view from the front door

When you first walk into the building, there are two small rooms with windows, one room to the right and one to the left. Here’s the room on the left.

little front room

There are three restrooms in the building. They all pretty much look like this:


Here’s the view from the pulpit looking back toward the front doors. We did pull some of the carpet up so the plumbers could look for drains.

view from the pulpit

Here’s another view of the sanctuary, showing the big windows.

Behind the pulpit there is a hall that connects to five small rooms. Here it is:

the back hall

It’s hard to believe that in a few months this is going to be a hospital for cats…


… but I have faith thatĀ it will!

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Your sign caught my eye! I pass by everyday watching the development and am so excited to have cat care in my neighborhood. I love all cats and I know I’ll be sharing your new location with all my friends cause they love cats too!
Best wishes,

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