Week 6, May 26-June 4

Okay, “Week 6” is ten days long, but there was time away from construction for the Memorial Day weekend in there, so we’ll call it a week. Also, this slightly incorrect time-measuring makes each week start on Sunday instead of Thursday. That seems reasonable, right?

On to the construction progress. We have now achieved what I will refer to as “The Forest of Framing”:

It is fun to walk through the walls, but it will be even more fun when the walls are solid.

The next photo is taken from the front door, looking through a temporary wall into the hallway between exam rooms 2 and 3.

Next is the treatment room. This is an important room: it is where hospitalized cats will stay, and where procedures such as dental cleaning, abscess draining, and blood drawing will take place. It also will house the lab machines and an area to clean and sterilize surgical instruments. The pony wall (I have learned something from watching all those hours of HGTV!) will have two wet tables backing up to it.

There is another thing in the photo above that I learned about on HGTV: PEX plumbing pipes.  I like them, and not just because they’re color-coded. Thanks, Action Plumbing!

I think there is going to be a lot more plumbing next week:

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Dr. Jenny….
This is so wonderful…a cat clinic for Lawrence that will be state of the art…plus it is in a unique building. I am enjoying following the construction blog. Your photograph of Dr. O’Driscoll with the cat is adorable (oh, I forgot! I took that picture!).
Keep up the good work,

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