Week 17, Aug 14-20

This week the job site is finally starting to look like it might become a veterinary hospital. The cabinets went in:

Once they began going up, the progress was quick. Here are all the cabinets in the surgery prep area (where the scrub sink, autoclave, and area to wrap packs will go):

 Right side of the lab area cabinets:

 Left side of lab area:

Cabinets in an exam room that will become an exam table:

The electric supply for the x-ray machine is starting to go in:

Doors salvaged from the church are going to be exam room doors:

The insides of the cat townhouses (for cats to stay in while boarding) got put together. They are put together in a row. The whole row is too big to fit in one photo, but here are some of them:

The little boxes are steps to help older cats or young kitten to climb from level to level. The front doors of the cat townhouses are wood and glass. We have been staining the wooden part of the doors to match the pews that will be seating in the clinic:

The wet tables arrived and were installed in the treatment area:

The back doors to the exam rooms went in:

The window we reused from the church as an observation window into our isolation room went in:

The parking lot got a new sign:

 Now the parking lot just needs a whole lot of weeding …


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