Week 10, June 26-July 2

This week has been more electrical work, with some HVAC thrown in. And the very last bit of framing was finished. There’s still so much to get through that the electrician needs a list:

The lights by the front door came off to get repaired, then they’ll go back on:

Sometimes you need to write where things go:

Yes, it does say “cat fan” in that photo. Not a fan shaped like a cat or a person who really likes cats (isn’t that everyone?), the cat fan that is getting hooked up here is the ventilation fan for the cat townhouses, so thatĀ cats who are boardingĀ have fresh air.

In addition to electrical wiring, the clinic is getting data and telephone wiring this week, which I think is what this is:

The new electric service required a new meter on the outside of the building — meter number 3, although the first two are soon going to be out of commission.

Yes, there is a (plastic) superhero hanging from one of the old meters. Who he is and where he came from, I don’t know. But I can think of some construction superpowers I wish he had.

The HVAC done this week included vents in the roof, which are pretty much the only changes to the exterior of the building. What the vents lack in aesthetic appeal they will make up for by keeping the air in the clinic fresh and clean.

The last bit of framing to be done was also finished this week. I would call them “window wells” if they were on the ground; I’m not sure what to call them at the top of the windows. Anyway, the windows are 10 feet tall and the ceilings of some of the rooms are 8 feet, so curved window wells were framed in so that the top of the windows will not be covered.

Next week: inspections and insulation, and if things go really well, drywall!

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