Week 9, June 19-25

A lot of work went on in the cat clinic this week, most of it electrical. Unfortunately for this construction blog, electrical work is not very photogenic. It is very important though, and in the interest of truth-in-construction-blogging, I tried my best to take photos. The result:

There are wires and junction boxes. And Kleenex. But I’m fairly sure the Kleenex are not related to the electrical system.

Running the electrical required the electricians to go up in the attic:

The attic is quite large and maybe someday could be finished space. But for now it just contains large steel trusses and various vents:

Here is another view into the attic, looking through the ceiling of what will eventually be the doctor’s office. It shows two of the many potlights that have been installed.

Stuff like emergency exit signs is not very glamorous, but necessary:

Also necessary: more concrete work to fill in some troughs left in the bathroom floor after demolition.

It takes a lot of wire to electrify a cat hospital…

…and the electrical panel is looking correspondingly busier:

Dan and his crew from Danielsan Electric are doing an excellent job. But are they as skilled as this electrician?

(Note: Do not ever allow your cat to play with electrical cords or outlets. It is a shock hazard and can seriously hurt your cat, even if he thinks he knows what he’s doing…)