Week 15, July 31-Aug 6

To be honest, this week was not too exciting, constructionally speaking.

Progress consisted mostly of prepping the floor for the final covering, which will be epoxy. Before the epoxy, the floor has to be cleaned, and self-leveller poured in places where the floor is not flat.

The result:

That is the “waiting” side of the reception area. This is the other side of the reception room:

An exam room:

Hall leading to the exam rooms:

Hall leading to treatment area:

Hall leading to the break room: 

I know, fascinating, right?

Somewhat more exciting this week was the arrival of two big pieces of equipment.

The autoclave: 

 And the dental unit for cleaning cats’ teeth

 I can’t wait until it is time for the equipment to come out of the box!

Speaking of time, you may have noticed that the Cat Clinic is due to open in late August. That is still true, but very late August is probably a more accurate way to put it. There is still a mountain of things left to do before we are ready for our feline patients, but we’ll get there!