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Cat New Year’s Resolutions

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In 2012, I will…

  • Eat healthier
  • Get in shape
  • Manage my stress level
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Learn something new

Your cat can’t keep these resolutions alone – you need to help!

Eat healthier: Many cats need a particular type of diet to lose weight, stop itching, have normal stools, not vomit, etc. In general, a healthy diet for cats has more protein and less carbohydrate. Ask us for recommendations on the best food for your cat. Also, how much and how often you feed your cat can make a big difference.

Get in shape: Since it’s pretty hard to get a cat on a treadmill, convincing your cat to exercise generally means playing. For indoor cats, playing is a substitute for hunting. Toys that cats like to stalk, chase, and pounce on will get them moving. You may have to try different toys to find what your cat likes – laser pointer, fishing pole toy, crumpled ball of paper, catnip, empty box, and fake mice are a few options. Get cheap toys that you can switch out frequently – because cats get bored!

Manage my stress level: It may seem like they have the most undemanding life possible, but cats have stress. And a stressed-out cat usually has problems that are not too fun to live with, such as urinating on your new rug. Check out for information on what stresses cats out and how to make things better.

Spend more time with my family: Cats may seem aloof, but relationships with their favorite humans are very important to them. Bored and lonely cats can develop some very un-loveable behavior problems. Keep your relationship with your cat going strong by spending 5 to 10 minutes a day doing something interactive that your cat likes – playing with a favorite toy or having a grooming session with the Furminator.

Learn something new: Maybe old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but cats really can learn new things. It just takes the right rewards, and letting the cat think the change was their idea. (Good luck trying to force a cat to do anything.) Some new things your cat could learn: that the cat carrier is not a sign of the apocalypse, that the scratching post is the place to exercise his claws, that nighttime is not playtime, how to walk on a leash, or even how to do tricks like “sit up” and coming when called. Ask us for information about how to train your cat – it really is possible and can make 2011 your cat’s best year ever.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on January 17

After lots of hard work, the Cat Clinic of Lawrence is ready for its first public event! We’d like to invite you to join us for our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

The ceremony starts at 11:30 am. There will be a short welcome by George Paley, representing the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, before Dr. O’Driscoll cuts the ribbon. Afterwards, refreshments will be provided, and you will be able to take a guided tour of our facility.

We hope to see you there!

Ribbon Cutting Invite

Gift Cards now available!

cat clinic gift cards

The cards can hold any dollar amount and you can recharge it anytime.

Learn more…


Closed December 21-28

The Cat Clinic of Lawrence wishes you a happy holiday season! We will be closed from Wednesday, December 21, through Wednesday, December 28.


Looking for a feline friend?

UPDATE: Pumpkin got adopted! We miss her, but we’re glad she has a family to call her own.

Pumpkin is visiting the Cat Clinic from the Lawrence Humane Society. She is our “cat tester” for our boarding townhouses. So far she seems to really like them, but she needs a forever home of her own. Stop by the clinic if you would like to meet her!

She is a spayed female, orange and white Domestic Longhair kitty, 2 years old, who was found as a stray.



Week 24

Did I say “check back in two or three weeks” in my last post on this construction blog? Hmm. Well, it’s been more like six weeks, but I am happy to announce that the construction is done! We will be open for business and begin seeing kitty patients on October 31.

Starting on Tuesday, October 16, you will be able to make an appointment for your cat by giving us a call at (785) 856-MEOW (6369).

We are working very hard these next two weeks to get everything in the clinic purrfect for the cats of Lawrence. We can’t wait for this Halloween to get here! 




Weeks 18, 19, 20, and …

You may have noticed that the Cat Clinic construction blog is running late. There are two reasons for that: 1) the construction itself is running late, and 2) as we get closer to opening, there is so much to do that I no longer have time to take photos of the progress.

So from here on out the construction progress will be a mystery. Let’s pretend this is like a home improvement TV show. You, dear reader, are the homeowner who has to leave the premises so that you will be surprised at the final reveal of your newly renovated home. Except in our case, the big reveal will be of the completed Cat Clinic of Lawrence. Not quite as exciting as a free home renovation, but real life is no HGTV. For one thing, this project is taking a lot longer than two days.

Thanks for following our construction progress, and check back in two or three weeks for the Final Feline Finish! I hope. If only we had this guy on the job:


Week 17, Aug 14-20

This week the job site is finally starting to look like it might become a veterinary hospital. The cabinets went in:

Once they began going up, the progress was quick. Here are all the cabinets in the surgery prep area (where the scrub sink, autoclave, and area to wrap packs will go):

 Right side of the lab area cabinets:

 Left side of lab area:

Cabinets in an exam room that will become an exam table:

The electric supply for the x-ray machine is starting to go in:

Doors salvaged from the church are going to be exam room doors:

The insides of the cat townhouses (for cats to stay in while boarding) got put together. They are put together in a row. The whole row is too big to fit in one photo, but here are some of them:

The little boxes are steps to help older cats or young kitten to climb from level to level. The front doors of the cat townhouses are wood and glass. We have been staining the wooden part of the doors to match the pews that will be seating in the clinic:

The wet tables arrived and were installed in the treatment area:

The back doors to the exam rooms went in:

The window we reused from the church as an observation window into our isolation room went in:

The parking lot got a new sign:

 Now the parking lot just needs a whole lot of weeding …



Week 16, Aug 7-13

This week marks the end of the estimated time to complete construction — the estimate was 3 to 4 months. Running over time-wise puts us in the same boat as pretty much every other construction project ever, though, so I am trying not to stress about it too much.

The floors got their coat of epoxy this week, which ended up looking clean and neutral. They will be easy to sanitize, which is important in a cat hospital.

The reception area (and looking into one exam room):

The hall looking into three of the exam rooms:

Looking into exam room 1:

The epoxy in the front (reception and exam rooms) and back (halls, breakroom, restroom) is gray. In the medical areas (surgery, treatment, x-ray) it is light blue. Here’s a photo of the treatment area:

The gray and the light blue floors look different from each other in person.

Here’s a view of treatment from the opposite direction:

In other construction news, the Dillons grocery store across the street closed on August 13th. It is going to be torn down and a brand new Dillons built on the same site. Goodbye, “Dirty Dillons” — as this store was affectionately known. I am excited to have a brand new Dillons nearby in about a year. This is a view of the old one from the front yard of the Cat Clinic:

If only their construction could have been going on at the same time as the Cat Clinic’s.

Apart from the floors, the other progress this week was the installation of the breakroom cabinets I bought from the Lawrence Borders bookstore when it went out of business. In their new life they are part of the pharmacy area:

I think they turned out great, and they were an amazing bargain. Here’s a straight-on view (the gaps are for a small refrigerator and a sink):

Next week: more cabinets and (hopefully) more progress.


Week 15, July 31-Aug 6

To be honest, this week was not too exciting, constructionally speaking.

Progress consisted mostly of prepping the floor for the final covering, which will be epoxy. Before the epoxy, the floor has to be cleaned, and self-leveller poured in places where the floor is not flat.

The result:

That is the “waiting” side of the reception area. This is the other side of the reception room:

An exam room:

Hall leading to the exam rooms:

Hall leading to treatment area:

Hall leading to the break room: 

I know, fascinating, right?

Somewhat more exciting this week was the arrival of two big pieces of equipment.

The autoclave: 

 And the dental unit for cleaning cats’ teeth

 I can’t wait until it is time for the equipment to come out of the box!

Speaking of time, you may have noticed that the Cat Clinic is due to open in late August. That is still true, but very late August is probably a more accurate way to put it. There is still a mountain of things left to do before we are ready for our feline patients, but we’ll get there!

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